Our Role;

  • Independent Governing Body, 3rd-party to promotion/event.

  • Sanctioning, Licensing and Regulation of boxing events, covering all levels of boxing:

    • White-Collar boxing

    • Semi-Professional boxing,

    • Celebrity/Influencer boxing,

    • Professional boxing.

  • Responsible and liable for boxer safety and fairness of competition.

Benefits to Licensed Boxers;

  • Boxers can box with confidence that they are fit to box through our stringent annual boxing medical.

  • Covered by our comprehensive insurance policy during bout as well as training camp.

  • Assurance that the medical supervision in attendance on all PBA licensed events is of the international standard required in professional boxing.

  • Officials overseeing bout are highly experienced 'purist' boxing officials.

  • Included in our PBA league with monetary prizes awarded at the end of each season.

Benefits to Licensed Promoters;

  • The ability to promote fully licensed and regulated boxing events.

  • Responsibility and liability of boxer safety rightly taken out of promoters hands and into ours.

  • Part of a network and system of licensed promotions.

Professonal Boxing Association

The Professional Boxing Association is an independent Governing Body who licence and regulate Professional, Semi-Professional & White-Collar boxing worldwide with the sole and prime emphasis being placed on boxer safety.

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