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Professonal Boxing Association

The Professional Boxing Association (Est. 1998) is an Independent Boxing Governing Body who Licence and Regulate Professional Boxing, Semi-Professional Boxing & White-Collar Boxing worldwide with a prime emphasis being placed on Boxer Safety and Fairness of Competition. Our role is to take on the Responsibility and Liability of Boxer Safety so that Boxing Promoters can run fully Licensed and Regulated Boxing Events.


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Our Role:

  • Independent Governing Body, Neutral 3rd-party to a Promotion.

  • Sanctioning, Licensing and Regulation of boxing events, covering:

    • White-Collar boxing,

    • Semi-Professional boxing,

    • Professional boxing.

  • Responsible and liable for boxer safety and fairness of competition on sanctioned events.

Benefits to Licensed Boxers:

  • Boxers can compete with confidence that they are fit to box through our stringent boxing medical.

  • Covered by our comprehensive boxer injury insurance policy during bout.

  • Assurance that the medical supervision in attendance on all PBA sanctioned events adheres to the international standard required in boxing.

  • Officials overseeing bout are highly experienced 'purist' boxing officials.

Benefits to Licensed Promoters:

  • The ability to promote fully licensed and regulated boxing events.

  • The PBA take on the responsibly and liability of boxer safety on PBA licensed events.

  • All PBA licensed boxing is covered by our comprehensive insurance policy specially for the boxing within the ring.

  • Full team of highly experienced 'purist' boxing officials officiating the event.

  • Part of a network and system of licensed promotions.

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