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Est. 1997 - The Masters Championship is the most reputable and decorated first professional title for a boxer to win.

The Masters Championship is the No.1 platform for up and coming boxers searching for a pathway through the ranks of professional boxing, providing invaluable experience over 8 rounds (Bronze), 10 rounds (Silver) & 12 rounds (Gold) before moving on to bigger and more lucrative titles. 

A huge number of Masters Champions have gone on to become British, European, Commonwealth and World Champions.
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British Masters Bronze

The British Masters Bronze title is fought over 8 x 3 minute rounds.

The title is open to Professional Boxers who have had 6 fights or more OR if approved by the Associations Championship Committee.


The British Masters Bronze title was introduced in 2013 to give

young boxers who had previously only competed in 4 and 6 round

bouts the opportunity to compete over 8 rounds. 

The British Masters Bronze title is the start of a boxers championship journey, offering valuable experience over 8 rounds before progressing onto the British Masters Silver title which is fought over 10 rounds, working towards the full 12 round championship distance.

British Masters Silver

The British Masters Silver title is fought over 10 x 3 minute rounds.

The title is open to Bronze Masters Champions OR Professional Boxers who have competed over 8 rounds and have a winning record OR if approved by the Associations Championship Committee.

The British Masters Silver title was the original Masters title fought over 10 rounds with the first bout contested on the 20th May 1999 between Matthew Barney v Bobby Bangor. 

The British Masters Silver title is the 2nd belt for up and coming boxers on their championship journey, offering valuable experience over 10 rounds before progressing onto the British Masters Gold title which is fought over the full championship distance of 12 rounds.

British Masters Gold

The British Masters Gold title is fought over 12 x 3 minute rounds.

The title is open to Silver Masters Champions OR Professional Boxers who have fought over 10 rounds and have a winning record OR if approved by the Association’s Championship Committee.​

The British Masters Gold title is the 3rd and final belt for up and coming boxers on their Masters Championship journey, offering invaluable experience over the championship distance of 12 rounds in preparation for larger and more lucrative titles.

​The first Masters Gold title was won by Steve Williams on the 30th November 2012 at Light-Welterweight against Kirk Goodings. Williams went straight on to fight for a British, WBA and WBO title, confirming the Masters as a premier proving ground, giving boxers the necessary experience to advance to the very top of professional boxing.

Winning the British Masters Gold title puts the Champion in prime position to challenge for a World Boxing Federation Title.