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The PBA provides Semi-Pro/White-Collar boxing licenses to Boxers, Promoters, Managers, Trainers, Judges, Referees and all other boxing officials to organise, officiate and work on Semi-Pro/White-Collar boxing events worldwide. By regulating Semi-Pro/White-Collar boxing events, the event is operating in accordance to a fully sanctioned event, meeting all safety and regulatory requirements, classing the event as licensed as apposed to unlicensed, the stigma attached to white-collar events (for good reason) which have no place in the sport of boxing in this day and age.

There are too many organisations/promoters running Semi-Pro/White-Collar events throughout the UK and worldwide without adequate medical supervision and more importantly, no insurance for boxers that specifically covers activities within the ring. This is reckless conduct in terms of boxer safety and puts the promoters directly in line for acting negligently if a boxer suffers damage in the ring. Competing in a sport like boxing where damage could be sustained, it is essential that boxers are protected.


 On PBA sanctioned events, boxers can confidently compete in a safe and structured environment, with full medical personnel in attendance. PBA licensed boxers and promoters will benefit from the full protection of our PBA personal injury insurance which covers permanent damage (including death) sustained in the ring during an event.

By becoming a PBA licence holder, members can have complete confidence that they are affiliated to a fully regulated and constituted Governing Body operating to the highest standards possible in boxing. 

To obtain PBA Licence, please complete and return the relevant application below.