The Professional Boxing Association has the following advice for Licence Holders:

All Licence Holders should continue to follow Government advice relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.

ALL boxers, officials, cornerman, trainers and anyone else coming into direct contact with boxers MUST be tested for Covid-19 and pass within 24 hours of an event.

All Licence Holders should adhere to Government rules on social distancing when travelling to and from the training venue.

Ideally training should take place outdoors. If this is not possible and training is taking place indoors please ensure there is good ventilation.

The PBA advise that high standards of personal hygiene are maintained throughout the gym.

The PBA advise that COVID-19 testing is undertaken prior to planned sparring sessions.

While sparring is taking place the PBA recommend that all other individuals in the gym keep a minimum of 2 metres back from the ring apron.

Individual’s boxing equipment should not be shared and general gym equipment sharing should be minimised or avoided wherever possible. Please clean all equipment after individual use. Keep your water bottle and towel clean and don't share with others.

During pad work we advise that the trainer uses appropriate personal protective equipment (fluid resistant face mask, full face visor and latex free disposable gloves).

Should a known, suspected or contact case of COVID-19 be identified in the gym the individual/s in question should self-isolate and follow Public Health guidelines.

The PBA will continue to issue regular updates in line with the Government guidance and the Board Medical Officers advice. Please stay safe.

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