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The PBA League consists of PBA licensed boxers competing on PBA licensed events.

PBA licensed boxers are awarded points based on the outcome of each of their bouts:​​

Win = 3 Points

Draw = 1 Point

Loss = 0 Points

As the season progresses and PBA licensed events occur, PBA licensed boxers will acquire points based on the result of their bout.  At the end of the PBA Season (31st May 2022,) the boxer who has amassed the highest amount of points will win the PBA League:

Prize Money

1st Place = £10,000

Points awarded to boxers hold the same value regardless of Weight, Gender, Boxing Ability/Level, for example: 3 points won by an inexperienced White-Collar boxer matched evenly, holds the same value as the 3 points won by an experienced Semi-Pro boxer matched evenly.

This system gives all PBA licensed boxers equal opportunity to win the PBA league - the more bouts a boxer wins, the more points the boxer shall gain throughout the season.


The PBA League is in no way matchmaking or dictating matchups, that is the sole duty and responsibility of the PBA licensed Promotion who must ensure evenly matched bouts. The PBA are simply observing the results on PBA licensed events and applying the relevant points as a reward system to PBA licensed boxers. 

Contact us to be apart of the PBA League.

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